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…On being a low-key warrior.

Wind back to last winter. My back went, I was stuck on the bed like an upturned turtle with my feet flat on the wardrobe. For the hundredth time. As soon as I was able I was back to the craft I love. Sweating, green, hobbling, unable to turn my head. Again. Ten years or more of this cycle.

I received some stern words from my new physio. There is no future for me as a tattooist if I don’t go through full physical rehab, now. It’s been a mental learning curve as much as physical.

July from S.C.U.L.P.T. had been on my radar for a little while. So, it was time to take responsibility and act.

After being laid up for a while with Covid, I limped into the gym for my first session. A Spring and Summer of religious physio exercises and a gym program tailored for me by SCULPT. No excuses, feel the support. They helped me to find my confidence in movement again, my fire, my strength. Nothing I had been doing before had been working, so, three times a week before work, to the gym I go.

Fast forward to September 2022. I was on a wonderful spirited horse, having just trekked the 15,090ft/4600m high Salkantay pass in the Peruvian Andes. I was beaming. I thought to myself ‘6 months ago I could barely move. Body and brain tortured. Now, I’m doing what I love, in the most amazing place.’.

It’s an ongoing path of rehabilitating old injuries from both work and play. But, like a good Shavasana, I can take a deep breath and feel the support of the earth, the support of great people and in fact my own body, and know that I can triumph, live, and give my best. Work, rest and play.

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