Anna Garvey. Expressive custom tattooing.

Hailing from ancient middle England, I bring influences from the beautiful natural world around me in to tattoos made with love and care, and attention. 

Every person is unique, and the art on their skin should reflect the inner person. Taking time to listen to the ideas of each client, and working with them to create something unique and beautiful that will last a lifetime is just the beginning of the adventure together...

I began working in a tattoo studio at just 16 years old, completed a long traditional apprenticeship, and since 2008 have traveled the world, opened my own successful studio in 2010, and tattooed and worked alongside many wonderful people. This year is the end of my studio, so there are exciting mew things afoot. 

New Locations




I am delighted to announce I will be a regular guest at Un1ty Tattoo, alongside two highly respected artists- Jo Harrison and Hanumantra.




I am opening a beautiful private studio in Nottingham, in the Lace Market, the historic heart of the city. Revenant Tattoo.


All new commissions will be taken for my Nottingham studio.

Social media, booking information etc. will be released soon.

See the FAQ section of this website or email me for more details.

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Devil in the details...
Devil in the details...
Devil in the details...
Devil in the details...

Devil in the details...

Devil in the details
Devil in the details



Rate: Excellent

Like best: I found Anna having searched for a watercolour specialist, and chose her because of her obvious talent as an artist. My design process was complex because I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted and there was a cover-up element to contend with too, but Anna guided me skilfully through all my concerns. On the day of my appointment I was only 50% sure I’d actually get my tattoo done as I was still not convinced on the design, but after Anna spent 15mins drawing on my skin with a pen, I was sold. How did she know exactly what I wanted when I didn’t even know that myself?! She really listens, and cares about the reasons behind her clients’ choices. She understands the journey. She’s great at interpreting vague ideas into actual suggestions, and honing in on what really is important to the client. And as for the art, well. A person who can draw a horse that really looks like a horse, freehand on a person’s wrist, UPSIDE DOWN (the horse faces me so for her it was upside down!) well that’s skill as far as I’m concerned. The outlines are crisp and yet also subtle where they need to be, the watercolour element is beautiful, the colour selection just perfect. I could not be happier with either my choice of tattooist or the art she has given me. Thank you Anna, you can never know how important your work is to me. Thank you.