Adventure Garvey

Since 2008, I have worked in many exciting places at conventions and guest spots. 


If you would be interested in hosting me for a guest spot please get in touch!

Upcoming dates-

January 10/11th 2020-

Holier Than Thou,Manchester, UK

February 2020-

Tattoo Freeze, Telford, UK


January 2018-

Classic Ink and Mods, Amsterdam

19:28 Tattoo Club Berlin

March 2018-


May 2018-


June 2018-



Koko Loko Tattoo, Dordrecht

Classic Ink and Mods, Amsterdam

July 2018-

InkMania Convention

Hasselt, Belgium

Monarchy Tattoo, Antwerp

UK, Adorn, Shrewsbury

August 2018-

Berlin Tattoo Convention

October 2019-

Holier Than Thou, Manchester, UK

Halloween Tattoo Bash, Wolverhampton, UK

November 2019-

ThunderCat Tattoo, Nottingham, UK


April 2020-

Kathmandu Tattoo Convention, Kathmandu, Nepal

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